Estin – Katilus Homestead

bdsymbol13A sustainable food-producing suburban 1/5 acre in the pacific northwest:

Our island homestead was recently showcased in the edible garden tour, and featured in the Kitsap Sun. It’s a local example of a suburban permaculture retrofit.

My wife and I have lived here for 29 years, raising our two daughters, and providing the majority of our fresh vegetables, fruit and eggs in our diet.  When we moved here in 1985, our lot was virtually filled with weeds growing in sandy gravel. For over 24 yrs. we have landscaped with organically grown edibles.  We integrated more permaculture features, including additional plantings, in the past few years.  Our small suburban garden features over 110 different edible perennial plant varieties with 30 fruit trees – including conventional and less common examples of what grows in our climate. We integrate perennial fruits and vegetables with annual veggies in raised beds with different height plants each occupying different niches.  As these perennials maturedE, our garden has become more of an “edible food forest”. We grow hardy vegetables for fall and winter harvest. Heat-loving annuals (tomatoes, peppers, squash, corn, etc.) grow in our nearby neighborhood community garden. We also share home wine-making in our basement with neighbors – with grapes from Eastern Washington as well as local fruit. We don’t have a compost pile—our chickens take care of all of our leftovers, and our neighbors bring their extra compost to our chickens in return for eggs.

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