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Bios Design’s Biochar Presentation 2-26-13 – Website for Albert Bate’s highly recommended overview ook The Biochar Revolution – Encyclopedic book on all aspects of biochar

General Information Websites – International Biochar Organization, with excellent information – Excellent Biochar Projects and links and pictures – Excellent information on diverse Biochar topics general information resource – Resources for sustainable use of biochar in agriculture. Great articles on innovative combinations of energy and agriculture benefits. – Good resource website and company – sells Soil Reef – Complete resources website Links to large number of Biochar Companies Links to Biochar Institutes presentations worth looking through FAQ’s on Biochar

Seattle region projects The Elwha River Restoration Living Laboratory biocarbon project – Seattle-based Biochar Non-profit organization

Hawaii region projects – Josiah Hunt’s Hawaii Biochar Company 2010 Grant on Big Island with Josiah Hunt’s biochar!forum/biochar-hawaii Hawaii Biochar Google Groups

Articles of interest Nice slide show on Permaculture garden using biochar Monbiot’s article criticizing biochar movement to Monbiot article – Biochar links for papers and projects – Virtual special issue with different articles on biochar – german broad-acre biochar experiment Switchgrass model for soil improvement and biochar – how to inoculate with compost tea – but without aerating

Stoves, Retorts and Kilns IBI’s article on the range of retorts and kilns – “Awesome Library” of Biochar Kiln Links – great video of 2- barrel burn with Peter Hirst and Josiah Hunt Holy Mother biochar kiln design – Hybrid rocket stove / biochar stove – hybrid biochar – rocket stove Simplest 2 barrel retort 4 barrel, simple TLUD system – Fat boy Gasifier system – Fat boy Gasifier Version 2 Experimental biochar kiln by The CarbonZero Project – portable, electricity-generating stoves – but not biochar producing – yet…

Adam Retort videosupposed to be the best model

Adam Retort interesting blog – an efficient rocket mass version burn video – Sonnenerde video of compost business with biochar – has great animation of retort large-scale – Dr. Anderson – a.k.a. L”Dr. TLUD” ‘s website – Biomass Cooking Stoves World Stove sells several elegant designs of small cooking and grilling stoves Stove Tec sells nicely made rocket mass cooking stoves. the One-door stoves can make some biochar

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