Kumu Aina Apprenticeship

Kumu Aina Apprenticeship Description
We are seeking applicants for our permaculture and market garden apprenticeship. We are looking for long-term apprentices (three month or longer commitments). We prefer people with some farm, garden or permaculture experience who are committed to learning and are capable of hard physical work.
We are located on the Northshore of Kauai, two miles upland from beautiful beaches and the town of Kilauea. We operate a successful market garden using bio-intensive techniques on a seven-acre parcel we are developing as a permaculture eco village. We are designing and building simple, functional infrastructure for our developing community, and creating a healthy living environment with an edible perennial landscape to provide our food needs beyond the market vegetable garden. We currently have four residents and are seeking one or two apprentices to work and learn in the market garden half-time and on the permaculture development acreage half-time. We are at the hub of the farming and permaculture community on Kauai, with the Kauai Food Forest, Kauai Fresh Organics, and two communities located on a forming 175 acre land trust committed to sustainability.
Apprentice activities will include some or all of the following:
Market garden – bed preparation, planting, weeding, harvesting, market sales.
Whole farm design and continued development of the land into food forest gardens (fruit and nut and edible understory plants) and staple food production gardens (taro, sweet potato, etc.) adding water catchment/storage ponds, beekeeping, earthworks and additional buildings and other infrastructure improvements.
On-site nursery for plant propagation, grafting and seedlings.
Potential consulting projects for residential or farm permaculture design.
Participation in our community meetings.
Potentially earning a Permaculture Design Certificate through additional study and mentoring, if the apprentice desires a PDC during the 3 month period.
We expect apprentices to focus activities with us forty hours/week – half of which will be working in the community garden. We are also offering a separate apprenticeship for those individuals who are interested in focusing full-time on the market garden in order to learn bio-intensive farming more fully.
We provide healthy food staples, our garden produce, and living quarters. We are located a bicycle ride (2 miles) from beaches and the town of Kilauea, with buses, hitchhiking or ride-sharing available for other destinations. The initial apprenticeship is three months, with the potential for mutually negotiating a longer stay. No pets, children, smoking or illegal drugs.
We will provide mentoring and guidance, and the apprentices are expected to take responsibility for demonstrating initiative, creativity, good personal hygiene and cooperation and respect. Sense of humor is a plus. Please contact Chuck Estin Chuck@BiosDesign.us .

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