Using biochar

Biochar – general use –

Inoculated with Beneficial Indigenous Microorganisms
Biochar is charcoal that can enhance soils. It can persist  for centuries as discovered in the unusually fertile  AmazonTerra Preta soils.

Benefits of using biochar include:
Increased fertilizer efficiency – moderating soil pH
Increased water efficiency –  Aerating  clay soils
Increased microbial activity –  Greater crop yields

Some recommended uses for our Standard Mix Biochar product (1/2″ minus):
Spread 1/4” – 1/2” thick – till or cover with mulch
Blend with soil  at 5%-10% for pots or plantings
Add to compost at 3% – 30% before applying
Mix with desired fertilizer for extended release.

Some recommended uses for our Potting  Mix Biochar product (1/4″ minus):
Mix in seed starting mix at final volume of 5%.  That’s 1 part Potting Biochar with 19 parts your usual potting mix.

Some recommended uses for our Orchid Mix Biochar product (1/4″ to 1/2″);
Mix with pebbles at final volume of 5% for orchids
Mix with aquaponics pebble medium at final volume of 5% for aquaponics or fish tank bottom applications

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