Design Services

We offer comprehensive permaculture design services.  Including, whole-system’s site analysis, base mapping, keyline design [assists in soil building practices and the development of on-site water security], appropriate [and desired!] plant selection and layout, site design, energy efficient planning and layout, solar building and greenhouse design; all in keeping with client’s clearly articulated goals.

An on-site consultation can bring to light the challenges and natural advantages of your property, clarify and understand a site’s fundamental features, as well as an opportunity to work out general land use approaches [including placement of garden, orchard, greenhouse, road, house etc].

General design projects include:

Residential landscapes
Edible landscapes
Soil testing management and enhancement
Gardens [intensifying food and resource production capacity]
Orchard design rehabilitation and management
Rgerencia ainwater harvesting and storage
Grey water systems and bioremediation
Aesthetic and functional water storage ponds
Water elements [waterfalls and fountains]
Drainage management
Erosion control, damage restoration and management
Stone masonry/hardscapes
Green building methods [strawbale, cob, lightweight, reuse etc]
Garden structures [including greenhouse, chicken coops, etc]
Animal management
Pest management
Forest management
Fire prevention

We also offer design services for larger scale site assessment, planning, and development, including:

Whole farm planning
Eco-villages and Co-housing developmetns
Public projects and schools
Commercial developments
Pre-purchase site assessmen
Bios Design
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