Our name Bios comes from the Greek word for Life; we believe the patterns of life are our best guides for designing healthy, sustainable human systems.

We utilize permaculture principles that comes from the patterns of nature.  We offer out  expertise for consulting and design in:

  • Sub-tropical permaculture systems
  • Home-scale gardens and edible landscapes
  • Farm system design; Sustainable agriculture, livestock, and agro-forestry
  • Economic Permaculture: community economies, local currencies and economic localization
  • Eco-village design
  • Permaculture Nursery management
  • Earthworks: water catchment, keyline design, terraces, swales and  ponds
  • Aquaponics (combining aquaculture with organic hydroponics) and aquaculture.
  • Education Systems: design of  effective  teaching and learning systems and schools that work, permaculture workshops/presentations, and Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) courses
  • Biochar
  • Permaculture Diploma Mentor with Gaia University

Contact us to set up a consultation to visit your site and/or discuss your situation

Principal and Contact Person:

Chuck Estin, Ph.D. Curriculum Vitae

Chuck incorporates a research science background, and years as an educator and school restructuring consultant, to  apply natural systems principles. He has been designing  perennial polyculture food systems and native plant ecosystems for the past 10 years, and draws on a talented team of collaborators for projects as needed. In addition to sub-tropical permaculture, his passion is financial permaculture, designing strategies for localizing community economies using complementary currencies, local investment capital and business incubators.

Chuck and banana keiki
Bios Design
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